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Top 10 Easy Stretches for Overlanders

As promised, I have put together a document with the top 10 easy stretches for overlanders. I have tried to keep it short and sweet with exercises to target some of the larger muscle groups and those which are prone to tightness when sat on a motorcycle or in a vehicle all day.

Please remember, stretches should not be painful. If any stretches are painful, stop immediately. Some tension or a pulling sensation is normal however pain can result in the stretch causing the muscle to contract rather than elongate, which is opposite to the desired effect. If you have a recent injury or ongoing issue with the area that you are stretching, please seek a physiotherapy or other professional assessment prior to undertaking any new exercises. Always go into a stretch gently and hold the position...do not bounce. These stretches are designed to be static stretches.

If any stretch causes symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness, shooting pains or other undesired sensations, stop immediately. If these symptoms persist or worsen, again seek a medical or physiotherapy assessment.

You can access the stretching document HERE. If this link does not work, there is an additional link at the bottom of the page.


PLEASE REMEMBER: The advice and exercises included in this article do not substitute for a professional assessment. It is always advisable to seek a professional medical or physiotherapy assessment following any injury, or prior to undertaking any new exercises.

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